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These cute frames have a 90s vibe and are perfect for adding a trendy pop of colour. We used some bright neon colours for this stencil tutorial but you can change this up with any paint colours that you love. After all splatter painting should totally make a comeback as it is easy and oh so cute!

Start by painting the frames themselves a solid color. You will need two to three coats of paint for each frame. Be sure to allow to dry in between coats.

Take your painted frames outdoors for the splatter portion of this tutorial. Mix half paint and half water in disposable cups. You will also want to use something to protect the grass if you do not want paint in the area.

Mix the paint and the water together well. Then take the paintbrush loaded with paint and flick your wrist over the frames. The paint will splatter onto the surface. Repeat with all of the colours over the frames of your choice. I did one main splatter colour on each with a few random splatters of the third colour. Again, there are no rules with this technique. Just let the paint fly! Then allow the frames to dry completely once again. Now you can add an inspirational message to your frame. Pick a stencil that will work with the size frame you have. Then peel away the backing. Stick the stencil to the surface in the correct location and press down well. Load up a pouncer brush with your selected paint color. Then pounce over the entire stencil.

While the paint is still wet peel back the stencil. Please note that these stencils are only meant to be used once or twice so they are not washable.

Allow the paint to dry and your paint splatter frames are complete. The paint splatter will help to hide imperfections when stenciling so this is a great way to introduce kids to this method of painting.

Plus these will look great in their rooms! This would also be a great craft for a camp or sleepover. So pick up a bunch of these frames and let the kids go wild creating with paint splatter.

We used some bright neon colours for this stencil tutorial but you can change this up with any paint colours that you love. It’s common to paint canvas boards or picture frames for your little but the quotes you Inspirational Splatter Paint Art Project for Kids Art Projects.


How to easily make your own stylish and eco-friendly reusable bag to take shopping, carry groceries, and more! This DIY bag features a cute, hand-drawn floral globe design, and you can download the free globe svg file to make your own.

Lately I have been trying to make daily choices that are better for the environment. Part of that process is making sure that I have plenty of reusable bags to avoid using plastic bags. If I’m using reusable shopping bags.

I love creating with heat transfer vinyl, and I use it all the time. It is a great way to create custom, functional items, and it’s really easy to work with. If you are new to working with heat transfer vinyl, then you may want to check out my beginner’s guide to iron on vinyl projects here.

The first step to creating your own eco-friendly reusable bag, is opening up the file from the supply list above in your cutting machine software.

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