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How to Prepare Photos to Share Online

How to Prepare Photos to Share Online 

Do you ever get curious about how photographers share their photos on the internet? Well, it’s not a simple process of just uploading them.

We’ll show you how to share photos online like a real professional!

Use the Right Colour Profile for Online Images

This is probably the most commonly overlooked part of sharing photos onto the internet. Only a few people realise what a difference it makes.

The format you choose affects the overall color and saturation of your photos. It sometimes even changes the contrast in some cases.

The correct profile for sharing photos on the internet is “sRGB.” Not to be confused with “RGB” or “RGB generic.”

I’ll show you the differences later on. For now, let’s look at how to export your images using the right color profile.

In most editing suites, you’ll find an option to ‘Export for web.’ The name is pretty straightforward, and that’s helpful in ensuring you’re using the correct color profile. It’s just a case of finding out how to do it on your particular software.

I set everything to sRGB except for ‘Export original size’ since I use the latter to export for print.

Now, let’s have a look at the different color profiles and their effects on the original color of one of my photos. The first of the three is the correct color profile at sRGB.

As you can see, this is precisely how I would want it to look. The RGB version, which is the second photo has the most drastic difference. As you can see, it changed the tone of the picture. The skin looks almost green in comparison.

What’s interesting is if you were to save these photos back to your desktop, they would no longer appear different. They would all look like the sRGB profile again.

Set the Export Size for Best Quality

Export size is crucial to the quality of your images when uploading them on the internet. Your software will be far better at resizing images than any website with minimal resources in comparison.

I use about 8-10 different presets regularly for sharing photos to different locations. It ensures that I have each photo at precisely the right size and in the best quality. It also helps me avoid wasting space on my hard drive storing duplicates of pictures that are unnecessarily large.

You may not think the export size is as important as I’m making it sound. I encourage you to have a look at the image slideshow below the next paragraph. See for yourself.

The first photo is a crop of the full-sized image that didn’t go on the internet.

Second is an image I exported to fit within the 720*720 pixels allowed by the site. I then cropped this image and enlarged it to be the same size as the original crop at 720*720px, hence the poor quality.

The final image of the three came from submitting the photo in its original size. I didn’t have to do anything since the site did the resizing for me.

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