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Tablescape is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. While it sounds sweeping and grand, it’s similar to the definition of another word with “scape” as its prefix, landscape, which refers to the visual elements of an area. So you might say that a tables cape would refer to the visual elements of your table! Creating a tables cape is fun because it is a bit more than just a centrepiece. It gives your table a feeling, and should fill up the space with enough elements to cover a large portion of the table’s surface. However, this can all be simplified with the right materials. Which is why I love the holiday tables cape we are sharing today. This paper tree tutorial is made out of the most affordable materials that give you a lot of bang for your buck! This is such a fun project because you can really play with colour and texture, depending on how you’d like to execute it, plus, they are just so cute.

Step 1: paper into 1-inch strips using scissors, and then the shape of the paper you would like to layer on the tree. For instance for some of the trees I layered small strips of paper (as seen in the image below) for some I layered squared pieces, and for some I layered small half-circle pieces. It’s fun to experiment with different shapes and sizes of shapes to get different textures!

Step 2: Once you have out your shapes for your tree(s) begin attaching them to the paper mache cones. I recommend starting at the base of the cone and working your way up. Place a line of glue where you’d like to attach your papers. Then carefully press the papers into the glue making sure to cover any paper mache that might be showing through.

Step 3: Repeat process working from top to bottom, gluing and layering paper pieces, until the entire cone is covered.

I love playing around with the traditional colours of the holiday and giving them a little twist, and this project gives you so much freedom to create a little tree forest in any color scheme you desire!


Make this DIY snowman wreath and add it to your front door for the holidays then leave it up all winter long. This whimsical wreath is perfect for those that love all things rustic. Plus that plaid scarf really makes the entire wreath in my opinion. Maybe you like that top hat better. Add them both to a snowman wreath to welcome your guests! Start by cutting your hat in two with a craft. Then paint the hat with a few coats of black paint.  Be sure to paint on all surfaces that will be visible. Set aside to dry.

While your paint dries, you can begin to assemble your wreath.  Hot glue the two bottom wreaths together.  I added a small scrap of ribbon to the back to add more stability and also give me something to glue to.

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