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Looking for a fun plastic canvas project with modern style. Then this plastic canvas desk organizer is for you! This simple plastic canvas tutorial can corral all your favourite supplies and add some bold color to your work space at the same time.

As a kid, I would spend one month each summer at my grandparents house playing card games, swimming, and crafting. During those summers, I was first introduced to plastic canvas and made a set of plastic canvas coasters along with a box to store them in.

Ever since then, plastic canvas crafts have always been nostalgic for me but plastic canvas projects don’t need to be stuck in the past! Plastic canvas is great for making modern projects as well. You can find lots of examples of modern plastic canvas crafts on the blog such as a floral canvas clutch, these cute DIY bookmarks, and even plastic canvas koozies! Today I’m sharing my new bright and colourful little plastic canvas desk organizer!

I just love the combination of textures you can get by covering only part of the plastic canvas with embroidery. The hard, geometric lines of the plastic canvas provide great contrast to the soft, organic feeling of the embroidery. This project works up pretty quickly and you can use the same basic steps to make all kinds of boxes, baskets, and containers.

Step On Plastic Canvas Pieces

The first step is to the pieces of your desk organiser. You will need to the following pieces from your plastic canvas sheet (the dimensions refer to the number of plastic canvas squares).

  • Two 35 x 30 pieces
  • Two 11 x 30 pieces
  • One 35 x 11 piece

You can just use a regular pair of scissors through the plastic canvas. Try to close to the outside edge of your pieces to give a smooth outer edge on each piece.

Next, it’s time to embroider the design onto each of the four sides of the organiser. I used a simple straight stitch to create this feather stitch design. Use the pattern image to help you create the design on your side pieces.

When you have finished embroidering each of the side pieces, you should have something that looks like this, At this point you are ready to assemble your organizer. Use a whipstitch to attach all of the pieces to one another.

Finally, I finished off the top edge of my organiser with a whip stitch as well o give it a more finished look. And that’s it! Our modern plastic canvas desk organiser is all finished.  Plastic Canvas Pieces. The first step is to the pieces of your desk organizer. Embroider Design. Next, it’s time to embroider the design onto each of the four sides of the organizer. Assemble Organizer. At this point, you are ready to assemble your organizer. DIY Robot Craft Desk Organizer – in green it would be a great minecraft creeper. This listing is for one Plastic Canvas. I thank everyone for sharing and allowing me to use their pins as well. It’s a boy basket Plastic Canvas Tissue Boxes, Plastic Canvas Crafts, Plastic Canvas Patterns, Garden Decoration Projects – Make your Own Garden Art DIY Garden

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