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The big day has come and gone. All the items you carefully selected and purchased for your big event have been boxed up and set aside. What can you do with all those florals, vases, and other decorative items. Recycled wedding decor! Here are several creative ways to repurposed your wedding or party decor.


Mason jars are the little black dress of the decorating world. If you used mason jars to decorate for your party or wedding you have loads of repurposing options. These are some of our favorite ideas.

Repurpose mason jars to create cool lighting in any space. Learn how to make DIY mason jar lighting quickly and easily.

Turn mason jars into soap dispensers. The fun thing with this project is that you can make the jars any color you want.

Create mason jar wall sconces to decorate the walls with. You could also repurpose flowers (dried or artificial) from your event with this project.


Whether you used natural flowers or artificial, there are many ways to repurpose them. Hang and dry flowers to use in different ways, or collect your fabric flowers to add to your craft stash. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

This beautiful mason jar wall hanging project is a gorgeous way to repurpose florals. You could dry flowers to add to this piece, or use artificial flowers if they were part of your party decor.

Use your florals to create a pretty vintage inspired bucket for home decor. This would also be a fantastic way to use any metal containers you may have purchased for your event.

Wreath projects are a fabulous way to repurpose flowers. Use silk flowers for outdoor wreaths. If you dry and preserve flowers then keep the wreath indoors. This heart wreath tutorial is a pretty way to craft your party florals into home decor.


If you used large feathers as part of your centrepieces or other decorating at your event, definitely hold onto them! There are several beautiful ways to repurpose them.

One idea is to make a gorgeous wreath using large feathers. This peacock feather wreath tutorial from The Shabby Creek Cottage teaches you how you can turn your feather party decor into a great piece of home decor.

Hayseed Homemakin’ has a beautiful idea for using feathers. Turn them into beautiful votives. These would look great in a bathroom to create a spa feel.


Candles are an integral part of wedding decor and are featured in many centrepieces. LED candles are a smart choice since you can reuse them long after the event has ended.

Create a relaxing centrepiece for your summer decorating with this DIY coastal decor. This would also be a great decorative element for any beach themed room. Give formal candle holders and candles a more casual feel when you repurpose them using rope. This project has a coastal feel to it but you could use this for a farmhouse look, too.


Lanterns of all sizes can be repurposed in a variety of ways to create both indoor and outdoor decor. This Christmas lantern is a quick and easy project and it can be adapted for other seasons and holidays as well.

Repurpose paper party lanterns into adorable decor for a kid’s room. Paper lanterns make great party decor, and they can be reused again and again. This fish craft is one cute way to repurpose lanterns.

Create gorgeous decor for your porch or patio with this butterfly lantern decor tutorial. This pretty idea can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s another fun and simple way to repurpose your party decor.


You might have a lot of vases left over after your big event. Of course you can reuse them to create center pieces and decor for your home, like this pretty fall decorative piece. But vases can hold so much more! Here are some repurposing ideas for you to try.

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