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Chocolate orange cake 

Ingredients75g/2¾oz cocoa powder6 tbsp just-boiled water2 medium oranges, well-scrubbed, finely grated zest and 2 tbsp juice only225g/8oz unsalted butter, cubed and softened, plus extra for greasing225g/8oz caster sugar4 large free-range eggs225g/8oz self-raising flour1 tsp baking powderFor the candied orange zest½ orange, well-scrubbed25g/1oz caster sugarFor the…


Dinosaur chocolate cake recipe 

IngredientsFor the chocolate buttercream250g/9oz salted butter, at room temperature500g/1lb 2oz icing sugar1½ tbsp chocolate extract To decoratedashes black, green, blue, purple food colouring200g/7oz desiccated coconut100g/3½oz caster sugar2 tbsp of water40g/1½oz pre-popped popcorn, sweet or salted1kg/2lbs 4oz fondant icingicing sugar, for dustingRecipe tips MethodPreheat the oven…


Chilli salad bowls 

This is one of the gutsiest salads we’ve come up with – packed with beef and flavour. A proper Hairy Dieters’ feast. If you like, you can also make this with ready-made taco shells which are even lower than tortillas so you can eat more…


Hairy Bikers’ Black Forest gateau 

Rich with fruit, chocolate, and cream, this 70s classic still has a place on our tables. This recipe uses dried sour cherries, but you can substitute good-quality bottled ones. Ingredients225g/8oz butter, softened, plus extra for greasing225g/8oz caster sugar160g/5½oz self-raising flour65g/2¼oz cocoa powder½ tsp baking powder4…


Chocolate creation showstopper 

IngredientsFor the chocolate cakes125g/4½oz sifted cocoa powder6 large free-range eggs100ml/3½fl oz milk350g/12oz self-raising flour1 tbsp baking powder200g/7oz softened butter, plus extra for greasing550g/1lb 2oz caster sugarFor the white chocolate ganache400g/14oz white chocolate300ml/10fl oz double cream300g/10½oz cream cheese6 tbsp apricot jamFor the chocolate lace collars200g/7oz dark…


Most Delicious Tiramisu cake 

IngredientsFor the spongea little softened butter, for greasing4 large free-range eggs100g/3½oz caster sugar100g/3½oz self-raising flour For the filling1 tbsp instant coffee granules150ml/5½fl oz boiling water100ml/3½fl oz brandy3 x 250g/9oz tubs full mascarpone cheese300ml/10½fl oz double cream3 tbsp icing sugar, sifted65g/2¼oz dark chocolate (36% cocoa solids),…

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